Dima Dmitriev

Dima Dmitriev

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Added Jul 17, 2008

Palette knife painting on the black canvas.

Dima Dmitriev is a painter without a brush creating impressionist style paintings with the palette knife. I love painting with a palette knife because the creative thinking is very different than with a brush. Dima is a master of palette knife painting. He visits locations to take photographs but creates all the work in his studio. I don't agree 100% with that and feel it's important to also paint on location to understand the light better. There are things which you just can not see in a photograph. Most of Dima's paintings are some kind of 'visual paradise' which does not really exist because behind the facade of the paradise are normal people leading normal lives with all the problems of existence. If you believe that painting should question, then his art fails on that point and questions very little. For some these will be the chocolate box image. What is important for myself is the act of creating rather than the final outcome. Art is a journey and not a destination. Like the Buddha said "Enjoy what there is to enjoy, suffer what there is to suffer."


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