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Dear Dmitriev, Beautiful paintings. I watched them for a longer period. Very soothing. Just like doing meditation. I found tranquility in all of them. Those pictures shows the path to Nirvana. Wish you a healthy long life!

Daya Ranasinghe United Kingdom | Nov 3, 2012

peace of mind!

maurizio Egypt | Oct 24, 2012

j'aime beaucoup votre technique de peinture, c'est très joli.félicitations

moos Belgium | Oct 17, 2012

Felt peace and calm all around while looking at your paintings,just beautiful.

Marcia Hughes United Kingdom | Aug 30, 2012

Dear Dima, I love your art...I think yours paints are amazing!

angelica d'amico Italy | Aug 12, 2012

I really love your paintings... for couple a weeks I´ve been looking at those two boys walking in fields... when the painting was visible on the window if Gallery in Prague. Many times I´ve walking thru this street just because to see this painting - something touch my heart in that view. You´re really great and very gifted painter. Have a good day. Anna.

Anna Bohaa Czechia | Jul 9, 2012

По счастливой случайности я видела ваши картины в «живую», они великолепны. Была в Праге, случайно проходили мимо галереи, нас остановила ваша картина, такого восторга от увиденной картины я никогда не испытывала. Благодарю Вас.

Любовь Russia | May 3, 2012

Love your art

Fay Thomson Australia | Apr 14, 2012

Gosto muito da sua pintura, obrigada por tê-la partilhado connosco. Felicidades.

Guilhermina Ladeira Portugal | Mar 18, 2012

Love your paintings. Bought four of them and I could buy more if I had more space!

Ivan Bottoli Switzerland | Mar 5, 2012

Hi Dima, Love your paintings. They are so bright and wonderful. Love how you use the pallet knive on your paintings. One day, I hope to see your paintings in person. Take care and have a successful year! Always, Pam

Pam Drapala | Feb 25, 2012

Dear Dima, Merry Christmas to you too! May you year be filled with happiness, many friends, excellent health, and an abundance of wealth. Always, Pam

Pam Drapala | Dec 13, 2011

Beautiful works! Teases the memory.

Cody Cantwell-Seals United States | Nov 27, 2011

excellent dima!... your art is very beautiful. sara anna fenu

sara anna United States | Jul 25, 2011

I love the feeling you capture in your painting. great work.

Piotr Chicago Illinois, United States | Jul 17, 2011

Gorgeous artworks! The best I've seen all over Artmajeur sites until now! Congratulations!

Rodrigo Trevisan Santa Catarina, Brazil | Jul 13, 2011

Excellent work !

laporte laporte France | Apr 10, 2011

I have spent a long long time scouring galleries in Europe to find Art that I know I will enjoy every day. Yesterday I found two in one afternoon. Your "Fairy" and "Vulpecula" are stunning. By the way, your father is a very nice man! Thank you

Matt Roberts United Kingdom | Apr 2, 2011

Love your art!!

Lynne Leahy United States | Feb 14, 2011

Hello,Dima! I adore your paintings very much! They are even better then your father's ones. Very - very positive and beautiful!!! Good work, Really! Ira

Irina Tezina (Markova) Russia | Nov 15, 2010

Love your art !!!!!!!

Vitalina United States | Oct 29, 2010

J'adore vos personnages, on a l'impression qu'ils vont bondir devant nous!bonne contination.

Isabelle Chêne Gibault France | Sep 9, 2010

J,aimbeaucoup votre travail Toujour plus haut et plus loin Bonne continuité

Liam G Déziel Quebec, Canada | Jul 11, 2010

Gostei imenso das suas pinturas. As suas cores tocam-nos e relaxam-nos

Olinda Gil Portugal | May 31, 2010

The paintings are a real beauty! Regards, Irina

Irina Gvozdetskaya Moscow, Russia | Apr 27, 2010

Dear Dima, I love your paintings. They are beautiful and when I see them, they make me smile. Your sunflowers . . . wonderful. Take care, Pam Drapala USA

Pam Drapala | Apr 3, 2010

Посмотрела последнюю работу Кассиопеи. Очень здорово. Так держать.

natali Iceland | Mar 17, 2010

Love your work....bought 2 paintings in Prague in the early 2000 one is the lady in white dress on settee, the other is the large dog on the balcony of the apartment looking out for its master. The lady painting is always the first one anyone sees when they enter our home and everyone is always quick to comment on its beauty. You are extremely talented...keep up the good work.

Kevin United States | Mar 14, 2010


SARA RAQUEL SARANGELLO Argentina | Mar 6, 2010

Dear Dima,thank you very much for the lovely canvas .Wishing you all the best in 2010!!!

heike | Jan 31, 2010
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